Severe Weather on March 18 Could Bring Strong Winds & Tornadoes

The entire Columbia-metro area and surrounding Richland County is likely to see severe weather during much of the day on Thursday March 18, 2021. According to the National Weather Service these storms are likely to produce widespread damaging winds, strong tornadoes and large hail.

The strongest chance of severe weather could come during the afternoon hours on March 18.

CRFD is reminding citizens to prepare for this dangerous weather and take the following precautions:

  • With strong winds likely BE ALERT for downed trees and debris in the roadways while you’re out driving.
  • If a power line comes down near you, assume the line is active and keep clear from it
  • BE ALERT while driving for the possibility of flooded roadways. If you come across a road blocked by water turn your vehicle around and find another route. Don’t drive through flood waters!
  • Have an emergency kit ready for your home with a flashlight, batteries and other items in case you lose power. For a checklist of items to put in your emergency kit, click here.
  • If you lose power use flashlights for emergency lighting. Avoid the use of candles!
  • In the event a tornado warning is issued for your immediate area go to the most interior room in your home and get away from any windows!

For the latest information on the storm stay tuned to local media and have multiple ways to get informed on the latest watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.