Professional Services

“Honoring the PATCH, with uncompromising respect, undying sacrifice, and admiration; we will uphold the pride, attitude, tradition, courage and heart of our treasured past as it leads us into the future.”




The Professional Services Division of the Columbia Fire Department encompasses many areas within the fire service of the City of Columbia and Richland County. Our responsibilities are to manage the Volunteer Services, Staffing Levels, Recruitment, Hiring, Promotions, Employee Human Resource functions, Policy Development and Quality Control for our organization.

Currently, the Professional Services Division is divided into three specialized bureaus: Volunteer Services, Staffing, and Recruitment-Hiring.

                                                      Our Staff:         

Jamie Helms, Assistant Chief of Professional Services

Chief Helms has been a member of the Columbia Fire Department for more than 28 years and has served as an officer for two decades. His job experience with the Department ranges from the position of firefighter to assistant chief. He oversees the areas of staffing, volunteer services, recruitment, hiring, promotional processes, disciplinary actions, and all other human resource functions.

Vacant, Lead Administrator Assistant

Battalion Chief Wilfred Roach, Staffing Officer

Chief Roach has served the Columbia Fire Department for more than 25 years. His duties include tracking staffing assignments, maintaining accountability for leave accounts for the fire department, and ensuring all protocol is satisfied to fulfill our payroll obligations

Chief William Broscious, County Coordinator 

Chief Broscious joined the Department in 2018. His duties include the management, coordination, and oversight of volunteer firefighters in the areas of Recruitment, Retention, Departmental Liaison, Quality Assurance, Volunteer Policy Development, and the Volunteer Incentive Program.

Captain James Bostic, Recruiter

Captain Bostic has served the Department for more than 20 years. His duties include the management, coordination, and oversight of career firefighter recruitment and the hiring processes of the Columbia Fire Department. All high school, college, and career recruitment is managed within the bureau. He is also responsible for the scheduling of testing, interviews, and recommendations for hiring to the Chief of Professional Services.

Shenique Smith, Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Smith has served the City of Columbia since 2005. Her duties include providing administrative support of personnel actions such as pre-employment, new hires, promotions, and all other human resource functions. She is also responsible for preparing reports and correspondence, entering and retrieving computer data, reviewing mail and literature, copying and filing documents, fielding telephone calls and responding to employee inquiries.




Contact Person


Assistant Chief, Jamie Helms

1800 Laurel Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 545-3704