Fire Reports Info

Please note: the fee has changed. Effective January 1, 2017, all incident reports are now $5.00. Requests received with the incorrect fee will be returned.


A fire incident report is generated by the Columbia Fire Department each time a fire apparatus is dispatched to assist with a fire, hazardous materials incident, rescue or other dangerous situations. Fire incident reports are public records, but are available upon request to the property’s homeowner, occupant of residency and property manager.

Fire reports are $5.00. No report will be given without proper identification that is associated with the burned property.

To obtain a copy of a Fire Report, please complete the FIRE REPORT REQUEST FORM and carefully follow the printed instructions, including the instructions for returning it by mail.

Types of Fire Reports available are as follows:

  • FIRE INCIDENT REPORT (NFIRS):  Report generated by the Incident Commander under the rules and guidelines of the National Fire Incident Reporting System.
  • FIRE INVESTIGATION REPORT (FIR):  Report generated when CFD Fire Investigators are dispatched to perform an origin and cause investigation.  To determine the availability of a FIR, please call the CFD Fire Prevention Bureau at 545-3701.  Please note: Depending on the complexity and other factors of an incident, a FIR may not be completed for weeks or months.  If applicable, a FIR may be withheld from disclosure pursuant to SC Government Code Title-30 and SC CHAPTER 4 -Public Records -SECTION 30-4-40

Please print, sign, and submit your FIRE REPORT REQUEST FORM as follows:

Columbia Fire Department
Attn: Fire Analysis Specialist
1800 Laurel Street
Columbia, SC  29201
For additional information questions or concerns, please contact the Columbia Fire Department at 803.545.3700.

TO SUBPOENA RECORDS: The Fire Department accepts subpoenas for records and appearances related to official Fire Department business ONLY. No subpoenas concerning personal matters shall be accepted.

To subpoena a fire report OR to subpoena Emergency Medical Records, please see instructions at: Subpoena Services

Subpoenaing Medical Records

If your client has been treated by the Columbia Fire Department and your company would like to obtain a copy of your client’s EMS Report for legal purposes, you may do so by providing a legal subpoena or authorization using the CFD Patient Authorization Form (pdf). The required authorization form must be completed properly, including patient name and injury date, and must be SIGNED BY THE PATIENT. ALL REQUESTS MUST INCLUDE APPLICABLE FEES AND PROPER DOCUMENTATION AT THE TIME OF SUBMITTAL, unless a fee is prohibited by law. INCOMPLETE REQUESTS WILL BE SUBJECT TO DENIAL.  Please refer to the instructions below as it applies to your request.
All subpoenas must include patient name, injury date and location. Please review your subpoena for thorough documentation prior to delivery and call the Custodian of Medical Reports to arrange drop-off and pick-up times to ensure service efficiency. Subpoenas received incomplete shall be subject to denial.  Subpoenas can be mailed or hand-delivered with fee payment to:

Columbia Fire Department
1800 Laurel Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Please review your request for thorough documentation prior to delivery. Requests received incomplete shall be subject to denial.

Contact Person

Fire Analyst, Reshieka Bell

1800 Laurel Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 545-4276