Administration Division


Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Prepared and Help Others. Within the Administration Division we work daily to follow this creed. By doing so we support all the members of the department in their efforts to keep those who live, work, and visit our great City and County safe from the hazards ever present, educated on the aspects of fire and life safety, and knowledgeable of the resources at their disposal within the Columbia Fire Department.


The Administration Division of the Columbia Fire Department encompasses many layers of responsibility. Two of the most impacting areas in which we work on a daily basis is product specification development, and purchasing and procurement. This entire process starts at the research level and culminates in the development of a complete budget assembly process for apparatus and initiatives for the entire department. Currently, within the Columbia Fire Department’s Administration Division provides supplies and equipment for fire suppression, emergency medical response, haz-mat response, and technical rescue to 31 engine companies, 5 ladder companies, 5 rescue company, 4 Haz-mat company, 5 battalions, and all divisions. This support enables the department to respond and mitigate all emergencies effectively. Logistics is also responsible for maintaining and supplying 601 employees with uniforms, protective clothing, supplies, and materials, such as helmets, gloves, boots, turnout coats and pants.



We in the Administration division work daily to fulfill the needs of the Fire Chief , the Professional Services Division and the Operations Division, we continue to help make the City of Columbia and Richland County a safe place to work, live and visit.


      Our Staff:

Mickey Folsom, Assistant Chief of Administration and Community

Assistant Chief of Administration is a position that develops and conduct s administrative oversight and an annual review of all personnel policies, product research, and vendor management. May supervise and assist personnel in aspects of emergency scene activities to include safety, accountability, and welfare. Serves as administrative liaison to Columbia Fire Department’s partners; keeping abreast of administrative strategy implementation and the challenges encountered during day-to-day operations.

Alpod Williams, Chief of Logistics

Comes to the department following a long military career in Logistical support. He joined the department in October of 2011. In addition to maintaining the accountability for all supply and equipment and warehouse inventory control, and to oversee the distribution of purchases and restocking of all supplies and equipment specific to department. 

Herbert Barnett, Fire Flow Supervisor

 Oversee the hydrants to provide the citizens and department with a resource (hydrants) that is at a high state of readiness.  His staff, documents, and conducts light routine maintenance on over 16,000 Fire Hydrants in the Midlands. . His staff maintains and tests over 16,000 hydrants within Richland County on daily basis. 

Helen Bryant, Material Inventory Clerk

Performs a wide variety of general office clerical and typing tasks as well as duties associated with the ordering, receiving, inspecting, recording, management of inventory, issuing, and delivery of materials, tools, parts, supplies, and equipment to include medical supplies, bio-medical and fire-fighting equipment. for the Columbia Fire Department..

Paul Baust, Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Technician

Ensures the safe operation of 300 breathing apparatus, as well as conducts “fit for wearing respirators” (fit testing) and maintains, tests, and certifies all SCBA; tracks SCBA maintenance and repairs; documents all SCBA testing as required by applicable codes; fit test personnel as required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). the Self-contained Breathing Apparatus program. 



Contact Person


Assistant Chief, Mickey Folsom

1800 Laurel Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 545-3730