Suppression Operations

Suppression Operations


The Columbia Fire Department’s suppression bureau operates from 32 strategically located fire stations and is responsible for effective responses to all emergencies including the safe mitigation of all fires, technical rescues, hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters, and medical calls for the City of Columbia and Richland County. Our suppression bureau employs 441 career Firefighters at full staffing as well as 100+ volunteers to operate 32 Fire Stations, in 5 Battalions, covering approximately 750 square miles with a population of 390,000 residents. These Firefighters operate 31 Engine Companies, 5 Ladder Companies, 5 Rescue Companies, 15 Water Tenders, and 16 Brush Trucks to mitigate all types of incidents.

Our Staff:

Consists of upper management level supervisor who commands firefighting and specialize operations an the performance of emergency and non-emergency tasks.

Randy Wells

Assistant Chief Operations


Assistant Fire Chief Randy Wells lead the Operations Division management team. Chief Wells is a 23 year veteran of the Fire service. He started his career as a Firefighter Paramedic with Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue. He is a 2010 Graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program, he is one of 42 Fire Service Officers to hold accreditations as both a Chief Fire Officer and Chief EMS Officer.

Desire E. Simpkins

Lead Administrative Assistant


Joined the CFD August 2017, Provides administrative support to the AFC of Operations; collects, reviews and analyzes complex information and creates reports, charts, budgets, and other presentation materials, provides project management support and research. Maintains operational files, provides full administrative management; Making meetings and appointment arrangements on behalf of departmental Management Team members.

Anthony Creech

Medical Training Officer


The Medical Training Officer continuously evaluates EMS and EMR fire department employees’ job performance, and implements and assures continued compliance with the training requirements as outlined by the District’s Medical Director. The Medical Training Officer schedules, oversees, and evaluates emergency response drills and exercises for the Training Department, assists the Assistant Chief Operations in reviewing, developing, and implementing EMS protocols for all levels within the EMS System.

Anthony Holloway

Chief of Training


The Training Chief duties include management, coordination and oversight of all personnel concerning Professional Standards, Training Curriculum, In-service Training, the First Responder Program, Research and Development, Columbia Fire Department Rank Academies, and the Columbia Fire Recruit School.

Daniel McManus

Special Operation Chief


After working in the fire service for nearly 23 years as a Rescue Chief and Assistant State Fire Marshal, he changed his career path to further pursue Emergency Response.   As the Division Chief of Special Operations for the City of Columbia, Chief McManus says he is humbled and excited to take on the challenge to lead such a talented group of firefighters.

Suppression Division Chiefs

Kevin Hart

First Shift Division Chief


Chief Hart is the First Shift Division Chief with 30 years of experience with the Columbia Fire Department.  He has a passion teaching emergency preparedness and spending time traveling with his family.

Christopher Kip

Second Shift Division Chief


Chief Kip is the Second Shift Division Chief with two years as a volunteer and twenty years as a career member of the Columbia Fire Department. He believes that the strength of our organization must be built on communication, trust, and an understanding of our shared mission to serve.

Scott L. Jacobs

Third Shift Division Chief


Chief Jacobs - a native of Richland County - has over 28 years of service to the Columbia Fire Department. He currently serves as the 3rd Shift Division Chief.  Servant leadership is his driving force.


Suppression Battalion Chiefs

These chiefs oversee each battalion.  A battalion consists of several fire stations and multiple fire companies in a geographic area. These chiefs work a twenty-four hour period commanding all firefighting, lifesaving, and fire prevention activities in an assigned district.

Robert Hughes

1st. Shift Battalion One


Brannon Taylor

1st Shift Battalion Two


Kareem Spain

1st Shift Battalion Three


James Martin

1st Shift Battalion Four


Karl Meier

1st Shift Battalion Five


Clinton Lowery

2nd Shift Battalion One


Don Martin

2nd Shift Battalion Two


Richard Allen

2nd Shift Battalion Three


Charles Spears

2nd Shift Battalion Four


Jeremy Boyle

2nd Shift Battalion Five











David Laird

3rd Shift Battalion One


David Reed

3rd Shift Battalion Two


Philip Yarchuk

3rd Shift Battalion Three


James Warf

3rd Shift Battalion Four


Joseph Desso

3rd Shift Battalion Five











Contact Person

Assistant Chief Operations, Randy Wells

1800 Laurel Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 545-3702