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Recovery continues for firefighter who donated part of liver to help woman with cancer

The Columbia Richland firefighter who underwent surgery to aid a woman battling cancer would return home on November 19, 2019 to a hero’s welcome.

Senior Firefighter Chastain ‘Chaz’ Cannon was greeted by his family, friends and firefighter brethren as soon as he arrived in the terminal at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. This came just weeks after cannon had surgery to remove a large section of his liver at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. His liver was donated to Scarlet Lutz Kasperbauer, the sister of another firefighter at the department, with the hope of giving her a cancer-free life.

Firefighter Cannon (right) with Scarlet Kasperbauer

Cannon had the surgery on October 30, 2019 and began recovery in Rochester for several weeks following the procedure. According to his family both he and Kasperbauer are continuing to recover well.

Cannon will continue to recover for several months until he can return to work as a department firefighter. He will have to return to Strong Hospital for several follow up appointments to track his recovery.

All of us at Columbia Richland Fire salute Chaz Cannon for his incredibly brave and selfless act to help a person in need! Great work brother!