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Graduation brings 15 new firefighters into CFD

Columbia-Richland Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins announced the graduation of 15 members of Columbia-Richland Fire’s Recruit Class 18-01 during a graduation ceremony held Thursday evening June 28, 2018 at the South Carolina Fire Academy in Columbia, South Carolina.

Chief Jenkins said, “I am very proud of these recruits, now Probationary Firefighters, for their accomplishments and dedication they have shown over the last 18 weeks and will expect the same as they begin their career with Columbia-Richland Fire.”

These 15 Probationary Firefighters will begin their firefighter careers this weekend as they report to their shifts.

Among the awards presented at graduation by the department was the Maltese Cross, which went to recruit Zakary Humphries. Recruit Sean Stephens was honored with the Bryan P. Roberts Award.


18:01 Recruit Class

RECRUIT CLASS 18-01 with Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins

Toriano Bell            

Dylan Jordan

Marion Binsley        

Benjamin Moseley

Carlos Carter          

Marcus Pee

Michael Hare          

Carlos Rouse

Jack Harle              

Dawson Shealy

Matthew Harlin      

Sean Stephens

Brandon Hixon      

LaTonya Wise

Zakary Humphries