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Firefighters Paramedics & Doctors Collaborate To Better Understand Vehicle Extrications

On Wednesday February 15th a joint training exercise occurred; a first of its kind involving firefighters from the Columbia Fire Department, EMTs & Paramedics from Richland County EMS, and residents from Palmetto Health.  The training focused on vehicle extrications and providing patient care during the extrication. 

Over 40 physicians from Palmetto Health’s residency program along with several ER Physicians attended this training which included a lecture from experts in the field of vehicle extrication and then they observed several vehicle extrication scenarios to better understand what occurs during extrication.  In turn Richland County’s EMS and the physicians provided valuable recommendations on best practices with patient care during an incident.

 Towards the end of the training several residents volunteered to be patients inside the vehicles during the extrication this provided firsthand knowledge of what an actual patient may experience during a vehicle entrapment and also how firefighters conduct patient care.

Discussions during and after the completion of the training were completely positive and recommendations from all the attendees including the residents encouraged this training exercise to continue for future residents.

Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins said, “Collaborations like this can only improve how we as first responders provide the best possible patient care during what could be one of the most traumatic incidents an individual can experience.”