Columbia City Curfew to Begin Wednesday March 18th Due to COVID-19

Columbia City Council has confirmed Mayor Steve Benjamin’s State of Emergency declaration of a city-wide curfew (Ordinance #2020-031) that will go into effect on Wednesday, March 18. In the interest of public safety, the curfew restricts travel and public gatherings from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., with the exception of persons traveling to and from work and for healthcare.

Equally, the following persons are exempted and free to travel to carry out their duties: police officers, firefighters, active duty military, health care providers, and public works and utility workers employed by any public utility, the City of Columbia, the Counties of Richland and Lexington, the State of South Carolina and the United States of America.

“This was a very difficult decision and not a measure we take lightly,” said Mayor Steve Benjamin. “To get through this current public health crisis and to save lives, it will have to be a collective effort between all of us.”

This emergency ordinance shall be terminated by the issuance of another ordinance or shall automatically expire on the 61st day after enactment of this ordinance.

Read the emergency ordinance by clicking here.