Citizens Encouraged to Take Steps to Prepare Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

With a State of Emergency in effect for South Carolina ahead of Hurricane Dorian Columbia Richland Fire is asking all residents to stay informed and get ready for the potential impacts the storm could bring to the central Midlands.

Dorian could produce significant rainfall and strong winds through parts of Wednesday and Thursday of this week (September 4 & 5). Forecast projections could likely change.

Ahead of this weather event firefighters are asking you to remember the following:

  • Keep away from power lines that may fall due to high winds
  • Adjust speed while driving in heavy rain to avoid hydroplaning!
  • If rainfall causes area roadways to flood, DO NOT drive your vehicle through flood waters! Remember: Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
  • Secure any outdoor property that could be carried by high winds!
  • Prepare for possible power outages that could be brought on by the storm! Have an emergency kit ready that includes flashlights with plenty of needed batteries, water, a first aid kit, non-perishable foods, cash and other items.
  • If you decide to use a backup generator due to a loss of power KEEP IT OUTSIDE in a well ventilated, DRY area and away from doors, windows and vents. Also DO NOT refuel the generator if it is hot! Allow the device to cool first.
  • For further information and tips for storm preparation, download and read the 2019 South Carolina Hurricane Guide. Also residents should stay tuned to local media outlets for the latest developments concerning the storm.

Area residents should also be advised that increased traffic will be expected in the City of Columbia and Richland County over the next few days as coastal areas are evacuated ahead of the storm.