News Release

CFD Experiences Large Call Volume During FLooding

Columbia Fire Department responded to over 130 calls for service during the evening of Sunday, July 23rd between 4pm – 10pm.  Some of the more significant calls for service were; 11 water rescues, 8 flooded vehicles w/ victims, 21 motor vehicle collisions ( 2 with entrapment) 10 flooded areas. 

The injuries associated with those calls were not life-threatening and a majority of the patients from water rescues had no injuries.  Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins stated, “We were very lucky to not have any significant injuries associated with yesterday’s flooding, but I credit our well trained firefighters and the quick responses to each of the calls.” 

Columbia Fire encourages citizens to avoid flooded roadways and to never drive or walk through flooded areas; remember Turn Around Don’t Drown!