Be Ready for Hurricane Michael

With Hurricane Michael expected to impact South Carolina late Wednesday and into Thursday Columbia-Richland Fire is asking all area residents to be prepared for rough weather.

Currently the storm is projected to drop up to 2-4 inches of rain across much of the region. Those conditions could lead to downed trees and the potential for flash flooding.

The National Weather Service has placed much of the central Midlands under a Flash Flood Watch and a Tropical Storm Warning. Hurricane Michael will also bring the risk of at least 40 mph winds and the possibility of tornadoes.

As always we want to caution you on the following ahead of the storm:

     – if a power line comes down near you, assume that the line is live and STAY AWAY!

     – while driving if you come across a flooded roadway TURN YOUR VEHICLE AROUND and DO NOT PROCEED. Just 12 inches of flowing water can be enough to carry off a small car.

     – be prepared for your home or business to lose power! Have flashlights ready with a good supply of batteries.

     -have the necessary items for an emergency kit (non perishable food items, water, etc) in case impacts of the storm turn severe. For more information on putting together an emergency kit, click here . 

Columbia-Richland Fire will continue to pass along updates as the storm moves through.