20 New Firefighters Sworn Into Service After Graduating from Recruit School

Columbia Richland Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins officially confirmed 20 new firefighters for the department as members of the 2019-02 Columbia Richland Fire Recruit Class graduated on the evening of January 23, 2020.

Each recruit was badged by Chief Jenkins at a ceremony held inside the Denny Auditorium on the campus of the South Carolina Fire Academy while their friends and loved ones looked on.

“This was a moment that I look forward to with each and every recruit class that completes our 18-week academy,” Chief Jenkins said, “Each of these new firefighters has demonstrated that they have a true desire to serve and protect the public. The badges they have earned today will now be a permanent reminder of the strong conviction they’ve shown during their training. I look forward to seeing them grow into their professions as they begin service with our department.”

All members of class 19-02 will report to work beginning this Saturday January 25, 2020.


The department would like to congratulate the members of Recruit Class 2019-02

Members of Recruit Class 2019-02 with Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins


Jackson Day


Kyle Dowler


Taylor Fitzpatrick


Peter Hackett


Jordan Herbert


Matthew Ives


Adam Johnston


Cruz Mata


Sterling Morrow


Michael Rodriguez


Parker Payne


Shannon Peters


Jake Piraino


Michael Pittas


Nathan Poore


Alex Richards


Jordan Summerton


Logan Taber


Michael Tolson


Trent Yandle

 The department also presented several awards during the ceremony including the Maltese Cross Award and the Bryan P. Roberts Award. Recruit Parker Payne would take home both awards. The Jack. H. Veal Top Instructor Award for this recruit class would go to Fire Captain Chad Alexander.