Mission Statement: We save lives and protect property through community risk reduction and professional emergency response to the public we serve.


The Purpose

The Staffing Division plans for adequate station coverage to provide life safety and property conservation for the citizens of the City of Columbia and Richland County.

Columbia Fire Department

The City of Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and the second largest city in the state. It expands 134.9 square miles within the county of Richland.

Richland County has a total area of 772 square miles and, in 2017, a population of almost 412,000. The City of Columbia Fire Department staffs 32 fire stations throughout the City of Columbia and the Richland County fire district. Specifically, there are 12 city fire stations covering the City of Columbia and 20 county fire stations covering Richland County.

Stations are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Columbia Fire Department has 454 fire suppression personnel. Three shifts with approximately 151 personnel, per shift, readily serve the citizens of the City of Columbia and Richland County.


Contact Person

Staffing Chief, Wilfred Roach

1800 Laurel Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 545-3706