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Citizens Encouraged to Recreate Safely During July 4th Holiday

With the threat of COVID-19 still strong across the state of South Carolina, many residents will be turning to the July 4th weekend for fun and some feeling of normalcy this year. However, the fire department once again wants to remind residents that any holiday celebration can be ruined if safety guidelines are ignored. This […]

Emergency Ordinance Requiring Masks to Take Effect in Columbia on June 26

In light of the ongoing rise in cases of COVID-19 across South Carolina, the City of Columbia will now be requiring all residents and visitors to wear protective masks in public places within the city. This emergency ordinance was enacted by members of the Columbia City Council and will take effect on Friday June 26, […]

How to Safely Create A Fire Pit for Your Home

The summer season may make a fire pit sound ideal for your property, but before you set to work on one here is some important information to keep handy:   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON FIRE PITS What type of bricks should I use? Kiln Bricks, also referred to as Fire Bricks or Refractory Bricks, are made from ceramic […]

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It's a simple step that can easily prevent a major fire!

If you smoke a cigarette, cigar or pipe make sure it is completely out before you leave a room or area!

KEEP IN MIND smoke alarms belong in every sleeping room and outside every sleeping area!
If you live in an apartment and don’t have them, ask your landlord or rental agent to install them. @ColaFire @usfire

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