What we do


The Logistics Division supports the Columbia Fire Department mission from its location at 1901 Harden Street, the former Fire Station 11 from 1953 to 1994.  The Logistics Chief has logistical responsibility to support 32 fire stations, the Training Division, and Fire Prevention; and is accountable for all supplies and equipment within the department’s inventory.

Logistics provides supplies, equipment, and services to support the daily operations of the fire department.  It coordinates with other City Of Columbia and Richland County divisions to obtain and provide these services.  


The Logistics Chief also oversee’s the Fire Flow Group.  This group is made up of a Fire Hydrant Supervisor and 8 Fire Flow Technicians.  The group works to ensure that citizens and firefighters have properly functioning fire hydrants that are maintained in a high state of readiness.  The group tests hydrants, documents problems, and conducts light routine maintenance for over 16,000 Fire Hydrants in The City of Columbia and Richland County. 


Another important component of the Logistics Division is the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) program for the department.  The SCBA Technician tests and maintains over 300 SCBAs, multiple support compressors, several cascade systems, and fit tests each firefighter annually to ensure firefighter respiratory safety.


Our Staff



Alpod Williams

Chief of Logistics




Paul Baust

SCBA Technician




Helen Bryant

Material Inventory Clerk




Erwin Boykin

Supply Technician




Herbert Barnett

Fire Flow Supervisor




Joann Foster

Fire Flow Technician




Robert Fogle

Fire Flow Technician




Ricky Seals III

Fire Flow Technician




Michael Chavis

Fire Flow Technician




Carl Robert

Fire Flow Technician



Ricky Threat

Fire Flow Technician



Shannon Middleton

Fire Flow Technician


Contact Person

Chief of Logistics, Alpod Williams

1901 Harden Street Columbia, S.C. 29201

Phone (803) 733-8593 Alpod.Williams@columbiasc.gov