Assistant Chief Operations Christopher Kip

Assistant Chief Operations, Christopher Kip


AFC Christopher Kip has been a member of our Fire Department since 1996. He served his first two years as a Volunteer Firefighter at Station 27. He has had the fortune of innumerable opportunities for both personal fulfillment and professional promotion of the Department’s mission of service.

As a Senior Firefighter he edited the CFD Newsletter, was on the Safety Committee, and was a Peer Supporter for members experiencing critical incident stress. As a Fire Engineer he was an Emergency Medical Response instructor, helped write and edit administrative quarterly reports for the department, and helped create and then chair the Awards Program. As a Captain he provided innovative company level training, redesigned preplan systems, and researched and tested the performance of various types of equipment in an effort to improve our Department’s safety and effectiveness. As a Battalion Chief he helped research best practices for operations in high rise buildings, helped author various standard operating guidelines, helped create the Policy Review Process, wrote and delivered instruction for our promotional development academies, served on the Validation Committee, and had the opportunity to participate in the current Strategic Planning process.

He promotes consistent, safe, effective, and efficient emergency scene operations; and believes in the importance of our service to the community. HE believes in catching our members succeeding.